Concrete Prices: Know the Cost of Concrete

  • Aug 17 '11

There is an old saying in the construction industry: “You get what you pay for.”

Nowhere is this truer than at Mixamate, where you only pay for what you lay - no more, no less. So we deliver cost effective concrete prices at all times.

Our unique Conqueror machines run on a computerised system that allows us to deliver the exact amounts of concrete you require. This is how Mixamate, unlike many other concrete services companies, are able to charge you only for the materials you use without wastage.

There is however an additional – and arguably even more important advantage to this scientific approach. As anybody in the industry will know, the quality of concrete can vary greatly from mix to mix, and the accuracy of our computerised system guarantees the exact strength of mix you require on every job without inconsistency. This is an important distinction to make, and is what separates us from volumetric concrete providers. Because each and every material that goes into the mix is precisely weighed we can ensure that we are providing you with the highest quality.

While the Mixamate service could be considered low cost concrete because you only pay for what you lay, we would strongly warn against deliberately seeking out cheap, low quality mix based purely on the cost of concrete per metre.

In addition to our high levels of customer service, the quality of our mix is one of the principal things we seek to provide here at Mixamate, and we have been called into repair many a botched job over the years caused by sub-standard concrete delivery companies providing builders and site managers with low quality concrete that simply does not do the job it is supposed to do!

If you give us a call via our contact page a member of our expert and friendly team would be more than happy to quote you on the cost of concrete for the job you are currently working on, but in the meantime we would stress: Do not use inferior quality concrete – it could have serious ramifications for the job if not today then certainly further down the line!

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